Healthy Eating

Do you struggle with kids eating fruit or taking on drinks with water?

At Forest Star we coach on more than just football. After every session within our training we carry out three small but powerful activities

1. Assess if information has been retained.

Why? What’s the point of coaching something if a child doesn’t understand it or why it’s important.

2. The need to refuel.

Drinks break. We ask all our players to take on regular water or water with diluted drinks.

” I don’t need a drink , I haven’t brought one” won’t be allowed. Staying hydrated is the basic needs of a human body. Poor hydration negatively influences our performance.

3. Taking on fuel in the form of fruit.

When we have a 5 min break to asses the training we eat small items of fruit. We start with the normal Apple, Orange and Bananas but as the season progresses we bring in new fruits. If kids are open to the idea of new fruits they will then progress to try new vegetables. All Important to a new and growing footballer.

We at Forest Star want to promote that just improving one aspect of Football won’t make much difference to a player. Dribbling , shooting and defending is good but we have so much more to learn the kids to help them improve and not just for football but in life.

* Communication
* Respect
* Fitness
* Engagement
* Recognition
* Sleep
* Hydration
* Recovery

Lots more but think of this question, is it easier to improve 1 thing by 100%, or is it easier to improve a 100 things by 1%?

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