We are back!

So today after such a long, long absence Forest Star returned to football.

Our starting point , our mark in the sand to get this amazing local football club back to it’s previous greatness. Our club was built on friendship and loyalty. Unfortunately today this is something we see very little of. You will hear all sorts from coaches and parents about winning is the be all and end all of everything.

Get ready for this………….it isn’t.

Your child is the most important thing to you and that is the difference. Learning respect, dedication, how to communicate with others is all part of football and a life skill.

Winning is Important but at a young age kids shouldn’t be in fear of making a mistake or conceding a goal. Good habits take time and repetition. Mistakes give us all the chance to improve. We understand those mistakes will happen and accept this to create an open and happy learning environment.

Thank you Lane Head and Bloxwich Rangers for today and allowing us to be involved in a great mini tournament.

We are back!